The South West Adoption Consortium

South West Adoption Consortium

Across the south west of England, there are a large number of children who need permanent homes with adoptive families. Most have had a difficult start in life and many have learning, physical, emotional or behavioural problems. Like all children, they need a stable, loving home to enable them to flourish.


The South West Adoption Consortium was set up in July 2000 to establish a local but centrally-coordinated service to match children with adopters with as little delay as possible. The Consortium consists of 1 Regional Agency, 9 Local Authorities and 5 Voluntary Adoption Agencies throughout the south west of England.


The mutual help and collective expertise of these local authorities and voluntary adoption agencies has enabled SWAC not only to secure homes for an average of 30 children per year, but also continue to support the families involved after placement. 


South West Adoption Consortium - supporting you through your journey 



Any queries please contact Jan Cleave, SWAC Co-ordinator on behalf of CCS Adoption, Email: 

Phone no: 01179 350005

 CCS Adoption, 162 Pennywell Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 0TX